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A Guide To Securing Your Router Or Modem Through Panel

Ever since the internet came into our lives there has been an invention of a string of sophisticated devices. Gone are the days when you had to plug an Ethernet cable to your PC or laptop from your modem to get connected to the internet. With the launch of Wi-fi routers it is easy as one, two, three. 192.168.l.l Ip address plays a very important role All you need to do login to search for your wireless router and enter the password to connect to the internet.Although it makes your life convenient and hassle free, securing your router and modem is of imperial importance. As the word goes that nothing is 100 per cent secure, so it is always advisable to have a security system in place to ensure minimum chances of compromising security.

Let us have a look at a guide on securing your routers. 

1) Type in your browser. is the
management panel of your modem. It is the gateway for your access to all the functionalities and features of your local internet set up. Configure the router very easily.

2) When you type it will display a page requesting you to enter your login details. If you know your login details then enter it or look up for your model number below the router and Google it up.
Default credentials for Login for most routers is admin and password for is password.

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3) Once you have got access to your management panel by entering correct authentication details in you can make changes to your default configurations like password, wireless display name your control wireless access through controlling access of connected devices etc.

4) Go to Interface Setup or Wireless Setup or Access Management to change the wireless access settings. On this page you will find a host of settings like SSID ( Router name ), Authentication type ( WAP,WEP,etc.) , Channel settings, Encryption Type, Pre- Shared Key, etc. Make the necessary changes as per your preferences and needs.

TIP :- It is always advised to use a SSID ( Router name ) that is easily recognizable to enable access to your peers. For example an office Wi-fi should be named after the company name so as to avoid confusion to employees. The necessary changes can be made in access management page. 

For most modems and routers like D-link, Linksys, Beetle the Login address is and for some it is Just go ahead and check it out now.

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