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Xiaomi Mi WiFi Mini Router Youth Edition Review

Xiaomi Mi WiFi Mini Router Youth Edition is the smallest router ever seen. If you are looking for a high end expensive giant router you may want to look elsewhere. Including shipping it is the cheapest router that you can buy, it does not have multi user MIMO capability, it does not even have a AC wifi. So why should you buy one. 


The Xiaomi Mi WiFi Mini Router is pocketable, only weighs 250 grams and you can get it in six different colours. The entire device is made from plastic except the metal hinges that hold two tiny antennas. It uses the IP Address 192.168.l.254 The antennas are PCB and not metal ones, and there is an ambiguity if the material of construction really affects the performance of this router. The i/o is very limited giving you only one WAN port, and two LAN ports all of which are 100 megabits per second. For power there is a micro USB port, which allows easy powering by your smart phone charger, and one of them is actually included in the box. You will get about 300 hours of usage from 8000 mA unit which is great for example if you want to set it up as a repeater for your mobile phone hotspot or you need a temporary internet in the garden when the guests are over. There is no way to wall mount the router and there are many small holes in the bottom to help with the cooling.

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Installation of the router is very simple, and the fun bit is the UI which is only available in Chinese. Now Google chrome can translate webpage but only when it has internet access so you will need a second device with internet access to do all the configurations on this router. You can manage to set it up in Chinese because everything is where it is supposed to be with a router, like an other router user interface. You can set this router as a repeater as there is no easy Access point mode and you can also do the old disable DHCP trick and run it as an Access point.

Now the most important bit is the performance of the router as it has 100 megabit per second LAN ports and 2.4 GHz wifi. Transfer speeds average around 10 megabytes per second at very close range and it only starts really dropping once it it taken 15 meters away with walls in between, and even at 40 meters away there is enough bandwidth to stream a 720p video, which is incredibly impressive for something this size.

For conclusion, Xiaomi Mi WiFi Mini Router is tiny, its cheap, and performs well enough for most knowledge users. It’s size makes it great to go on travel or if need portable repeater for the garden parties. It certainly outperforms the devices that ISPs make you buy and it has pretty incredible range and the downside keeping the pricing in mind is that the initial setup is in Chinese.

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