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TP Link Archer C2600 AC2600 In-Depth Router Review

TP Link Archer C2600 AC2600 Router has a transfer rate of 2600 Mbps, 800 Mbps are on the 2.4 GHz frequency and 1734 Mbps is on AC 5 GHz. It has a great processor dual core 1.4GHz and plenty of RAM. There is no i/o in the front, top surface has a glossy looking surface with a button to turn on the LED and above it is a matte finish ventilated surface that looks like a speaker grill. All of the i/o is on the left side – there is two 3.0 USB ports, good for using multiple USB sticks, a power button, reset button, a WPS button. On the back of the device there are four gigabit Ethernet port and 1 gigabit LAN port, as well as the power button and power input jack , and then of course the four antennas are user replaceable, so you can use your own different antennas if you want to.
Tp Link C2600 Wifi Router Review

Attach and unfold the antennas of the TP Link Archer Router, this will maximize its wireless performance. Connect your modem to the blue internet port on your router with an Ethernet cable. Connect your wireless devices like smartphones, tablets and computers through Wi-Fi by entering your router’s SSID (network name) and wireless password into your devices WiFi settings. SSID and password are printed on the product label at the bottom of the router. You can connect devices to the router by running an Ethernet cable between the device and one of the yellow gigabyte Ethernet ports on the router. Use unique username and password to personalize and protect your Wi-Fi network. For quick installation follow instructions to proceed with the setup. Once you successfully complete router installation you are online.Also See :- 192.168.l.254 Admin Login

TP Link Archer Router has a user interface that is beautiful and simplistic looking and it uses Ip 192.168.l.l very fast.. There is a Login screen. Once you login the GUI gives a quick overview of the router that is connected to the internet and how many devices it is connected to – both wireless and wired connection. If you click on the “?” icon on the top right of the interface, you can see all the data there. You can locate the settings option under the ? icon. For the first time set up, you can choose to use the quick setup option. Click on the “Next” button few times and the TP Link Archer Router router will be installed. TP Link Archer Router has USB sharing, but no cloud sharing like with other devices, however, there is FTP support. You can plug in any USB hard drive or USB stick and it will share all the data over all the network.
TP Link Archer Router GUI has parental control. The advanced control option allows you to see statistics on data transfer – which devices is using data more than other devices. There is also QoS (Quality of Service) settings, but do not change the settings unless you have very bad internet connection. TP Link Archer Router has more security settings as well, so you can block certain websites or clients. A lot network address translation keeps going on. There is an Ipv6 settings as well, tweak it if your ISP supports it. There is a system log which allows you to see whatever your system is doing.
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Performance of the TP Link Archer Router is remarkable. When uploading large files at close range or indoors it can be a bit slower. Although, great performance in the living room and bedroom, no matter how many devices you are using. TP Link Archer Router shows 30Mbps upload speed and 42 Mbps download speeds for large files which is great to stream 4K or 8K video. Price and performance wise TP Link Archer Router is awesome.

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