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Default Login Username And Password List For Address

There have been several queries on how to determine the Login user and password for a router or modem’s access management interface through the address – Strange as it may seem, the default username and password for most of the routers and modems is a simple guess with combinations ranging from – admin : pass, administrator : pass, admin : password, etc.

Default Login Username And Password List For Address

The default credentials for the of a router or modem is displayed on the device itself along with it being mentioned in the manual that has been bundled with the device. But the users in this age of technology and Google feel it is too painstaking a task to walk up to your router and search for the login credentials. The adventure of removing the tangled wires, devices and add to that the dust lying on all of them seems to much a tacky thing to discover the default Login and password keys.

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So here is a list of all major companies that manufacture modems and the Default Login Credentials :-

Modem Brands Login IP Username Password

• 3Com – admin admin
• Belkin – ( blank ) ( blank )
• BenQ – admin admin
• D – Link – admin
• Digicom – admin michelangelo
• Digicom – user password
• Digicom – admin michelangelo
• Leoxsys – admin admin
• Linksys – admin admin
• Netgear – admin password
• Sitecom – admin admin
• TP – Link – admin admin
• Tenda – admin admin
• Thomson – admin admin
• US Robotics – admin admin

You should be able to login right into your wireless router’s access management through the Login credentials provided above. If for some reason you are not able to login to the access management address with the help of the above information, it might be possible that you or someone with access to the wireless router must have changed your login credentials. There is no need to worry for you can always reset your login credentials to the default ones mentioned above.

However, for some companies they keep on slightly changing their settings whenever a firmware update is made available. The changes include change in admin and login sequence. The correct combination can be found out on the manufactures’s website by selecting the model number and the version number of your router. You can check the above credentials to login and if it does not work you can definitely find it on the manufacturer’s website.

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