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TP-LINK Router Default Username Password

TP-Link modems have a default Username and Password which can be seen by opening as its the router configuration page.

So we will be providing you the ways to reset the username and passwords of TP-Link modems all models as stated below.
TL-WR340G+/TL-WR541G+ (1.6) /TL-WR641G+ (1.6) – Hold the reset key for around 5-10 seconds, the router will move to the factory condition.
Then, open a browser and type, the username and password will be Admin/Admin.
The method for the models TL-WR7xxN/TL-WR841N/TL-WR941N is same as the above method.
TP-LINK V1 TL-WR841N – First of all turn off the modem, then press the Reset Key to turn on the router and wait for the lights to flash 3 times, then open the address and use username and password Admin/Admin.
V2 TL-WR841N – Just remove the modem cable from the switch board, then put it back. Now, press the reset button on the modem. Then, press it for 3 Times till the small green lights on the modem flashes. Now, open browser and type and login admin with ID= Admin and Pass=Admin.
TL-WA501G+ 2 – Turn on the router and press the Reset key for more than 20 seconds, as soon as the Yellow and Red Lights blinks release the Reset button. Similarly open the Router Admin Configuration Page with Url in browser and login, reset the username and password from there.
So, the above stated steps were for Resetting the Username Password of TP-Link Routers using the in the Internet Browser.

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