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192.168.l.l Admin Login Id and Password. Router Configuration Page.

How to Open 192.168.l.l Router Settings Page ?

In this guide we will be teaching you how to setup the Router Settings page by opening the 192.168.l.l website and getting success.

192.168.l.l Guide to Setup Internet Router

1.) Firstly go the 192.168.l.l Router Configuration page.
2.) From the 192.168.l.l page go to the Advanced Setup option in the left menu bar.
3.) Go to the first option and click edit on the right side from the 192.168.l.l pane.

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4.) Click Next Button.
5.) From the Page select PPP Over Ethernet Option and click the Next Button.
6.) Kindly enter your PPP Username and PPP Password as provided to you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
7.) Press the Next button as shown on the 19216811 Page.Also Read :- Difference Between 192.168 o 1 and 192.168 0.1

8.) Now, click the Save button and after that click, Save/Reboot Option.
Your, modem or router will restart and finally from the 192.168.l.l you will be able to setup the modem and set the proper Router Settings for using your Internet Connection properly and as desired by you.

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