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192.168.l.l Admin Login Id and Password. Router Configuration Page.

Default Router Passwords Usernames List

We are providing you with the Latest Default Router Passwords List including Usernames, for all the popular brands of routers and modems.First you will need to navigate to the Link or 192.168.l.l. These are the common ones but sometimes some brands of routers have the default ip address

These, will definitely work, If you dont find your Brand of Modem or Router, Please Comment Down to get the ID AND PASSWORD of your Router.

These are the updated list of Default Username and Password of Routers 2016.

Default Router Passwords
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Modem Brand Login IP Username Password
3Com admin admin
BenQ admin admin
D-Link admin
Digicom admin michelangelo
Digicom user password
Digicom admin michelangelo
Linksys admin admin
Netgear admin password
Sitecom admin admin
Sitecom sitecom
Thomson user user
US Robotics admin admin

  ZTE                          admin                admin

These were the Default Router Passwords List, Kindly comment down if you dont find yours.These admin id passwords are really nice, but you can also refer to this 192.168.l.254 to check its use and its pros cons.
This list keeps on being updated on regular basis.

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